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Branded Hats

Branded Hats

Preferences vary – from baseball fans and dads in their 50s favoring baseball caps to Reddit users and more portly individuals opting for fedoras. For some, a simple visor cap suffices, while others appreciate wide-brimmed, elegant options that cast a long shadow. Regardless of the shape or size, a hat is always a welcome sight.
Using branded hats as promotional items is not a novel concept; companies have been employing this strategy for quite some time. However, there’s a potential issue when following in the footsteps of millions of CEOs who choose branded hats. The crucial question arises: will the hat fit the buyer?
Most hat manufacturers market their products as one-size-fits-all, and while some genuinely adhere to this principle, quite a few on the market do not accommodate all head shapes and sizes. This article explores how prospective brand CEOs can research hat sizes and diversify their portfolio with new and exciting promotional clothing items.

Branded Hats

Measure for Measure

As previously mentioned, most hats genuinely accommodate everyone. Additionally, baseball caps feature a closure in the back that can be adjusted based on the width or thickness of one’s head. While it’s beneficial to have some size variety to cater to specific client preferences, determining the appropriate sizes involves measuring the circumference of the head. Here are the steps:

Measuring tools: Utilize either a lengthy, thin piece of string or a durable, flexible tape measure. It’s advisable to purchase tape measures from a local sewing goods store.

Placing the tape measure/string:

Position it around the head, approximately ⅛ of an inch above the ear and across the middle of the forehead. Ensure that you hold the string or tape measure snugly but not uncomfortably tight. The applied force should reflect the desired fit when wearing the hat.

Hold onto the endpoint:

Mark the measuring tool at that spot, which will be used for determining the appropriate hat size. Subsequently, use a ruler to measure the fitting size and proceed with shopping accordingly.

If a tape measure is used, simply take the obtained measurements and match them to a size chart.

sports water bottle

Promotional Sports Bottles

Custom Sports printed water bottles make excellent promotional products because they can be used to convey various meanings for different companies and are highly practical for recipients. Sports bottles can demonstrate your clients that you care about their well-being and want them to stay healthy and hydrated, a compelling message, especially in the summer months when staying hydrated is crucialYou can brand and personalize these bottles with your company’s name and logo. Additionally, you can showcase support for local sports teams by incorporating your name and logo with the team’s colors.
Employees always appreciate having a spill-proof drink container at their desk, and these bottles are versatile, suitable for holding water, tea, or a favorite juice. Bottles make an excellent fit for gyms or other health-conscious companies aiming to have their clients or members remember their brand and actively promote it while carrying around their drink bottle. Another noteworthy aspect of using promotional bottles is their contribution to environmental conservation efforts, as they are reusable and can replace hundreds of disposable plastic water bottles.

Sports Water bottle

Here are 4 types of our sports bottles available for branding:

Contour Grip 750 ml Sports Bottles

A fantastic new selection of sports bottles, available with either a valve or push/pump mechanism and a unique design that allows them to perfectly fit in the hand of the user, boasting an excellent imprint area for your corporate message. These exceptional 750ml sports bottles are ideal for a wide range of promotions, including sporting events, outdoor activities, travel and leisure, golf days, or even team building exercises.

Chieftain 500 ml Aluminium Drink Bottle

It’s no surprise that these bottles are among our best-selling products! Crafted from high-grade aluminium in a variety of vibrant color options, these bottles feature a large 500ml capacity, a screw-on cap, and a carabiner clip. Customized with your logo or, alternatively, precision laser engraved to achieve a truly professional finish.

Denver Recycled Sports Bottles

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic with a selection of cap colors, these exceptional 500ml sports bottles are perfect for complementing a wide range of promotions, including sporting events, outdoor activities, travel and leisure, golf days, or even team building exercises.

Fanatic 700ml Protein Shakers

These single-wall plastic promotional protein shakers, featuring measurements on the reverse, are an excellent way to promote your brand and message at the gym. Customized with your logo and equipped with an easy-sip lid, they represent the ideal combination of form and function.


Branded Speakers

In this day and age, anyone can use a pair of high-quality branded speakers. You can connect them to your laptop, tablet, or PC and enjoy your favourite music anywhere you want. What’s more, you can become your very own DJ, and our speakers will make doing so seamless and easy.
Since personalised speakers are so widely spread everywhere, they make excellent gifts and promotional merchandise. You can put your logo and contact information on a pair of speakers and watch as they travel as far and wide as the music itself.
If that’s what you want, then look through our collection of high-quality speakers. You will surely find something that will help you represent your brand perfectly.


The Advantages of Promo Speakers

Promotional speakers are practical, fitting for any demographic, cost-effective, and great for imprinting.


Speakers are widely used items. People use them to listen to music, podcasts, watch movies and TV shows. In addition, DJs use speakers at their parties and concerts, and they need something good that will last a long time.
So, you can gift a pair of speakers to just about anyone, and they will appreciate it. Whether they are professional musicians, students, or corporate office workers, they will love the speakers you choose for them.


If you consider the usual price for customised technology products, you’ll see that speakers are some of the most cost-effective options out there. You can play your cards right by strategically buying small bulks of speakers every few months. They will bring in lots of traffic for your brand, and you won’t have to put in extra effort for that to happen.
Each time your clients use the speakers, they will remember you and your company. And since these speakers will find their place in office desks all around the country, you will reach audiences you never would have thought possible. Any amount of funds you invest in marketing like that is money well spent.

Imprinting Possibilities

Speakers offer a great surface area for imprinting. You can go in two directions. One is to keep things minimalistic and incorporate your logo onto the speakers in a subtle way. The other direction is to use up the extensive surface area that the speakers offer and go all the way when it comes to the design.
Regardless of what you go for, Infinitebrading will make sure your vision comes to life. Still, all the big decisions will be up to you.

Contact InfiniteBranding Today

At InfiniteBranding, we endeavour to craft promotional merchandise that will enhance your brand everywhere they go. Our assortment of speakers will help achieve precisely that. It will furnish your clients with products of the utmost quality that your customers will adore and use for years to come.
If you wish to incorporate outstanding speakers in your promotional campaign, get in touch with us. We will devise a marketing strategy to assist your brand flourish effortlessly. We are awaiting your call!

Promotional Phone Chargers

In our era, it has become more challenging than ever to make your business stand out and attract customers. That’s why companies all across the world invest thousands of pounds in marketing campaigns. From targeted ads to commercials, there are many ways in which a company can increase its brand awareness. Yet, few are as effective and affordable as marketing strategies involving promotional items.
However, with so many potential promotional items, it can be hard to pick the right one for your business. Luckily, branded phone chargers have always been a fan favourite amongst business owners and customers alike. But let’s see what makes phone chargers such effective promotional items and how they can increase your brand awareness.

Phone Chargers

Everybody Needs Phone Chargers

Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone that they use for all sorts of activities. In fact, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t rely on their mobile for business-related calls or emails. Yet, it doesn’t matter how expensive their phone is — its battery life is never enough to handle constant usage. And while some phones can last longer than others, all of them will eventually run out of battery and die.
Fortunately, that’s where you and your branded phone chargers come in! When you hand people a branded charger, you give them one of the most essential items in the world. As a result, you know for sure that people will appreciate your gift and use it constantly. You don’t have to worry about wasting money on a gift that will get thrown away instantly.
But what about people that already have a charger? Even though mobile chargers are extremely popular and widespread, people never have enough of them. For example, if you live in a big house, you might need additional chargers to place in every room so you don’t have to carry one with you all the time. And, if you are always on the go, an extra charger that you can take with you is always welcomed.
All things considered, it’s safe to say that phone chargers are very important and people always appreciate receiving them. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that gifting chargers is a great way to increase your brand awareness and make people more curious about your products.

You Can Introduce People to Wireless Charging

When you think about mobile chargers, you most likely think of the classic wired plug-powered gadgets. However, technology has progressed drastically over the past few years, and now, there are all sorts of wireless chargers available. Even so, many people are unaware of what wireless charging is and what it entails. Actually, chances are that most people have no idea how this new technology works and avoid it at all costs.
Why is that important for you? Because your company can put them up to date by providing people with branded wireless chargers. Not only will they be intrigued by the newfound technology, but they will also be hooked on it right from the start. People will also appreciate just how convenient the whole concept is, especially since there is no need for wires. As a matter of fact, they will never want to go back to wired charging and will most likely continue to prefer your branded gadget.
But best of all, those people introduced to wireless charging will think about your brand whenever they charge their phones. Additionally, they will be more inclined to try some of your products or services, even if they weren’t initially interested in them. In other words, by showing them this new technology, you make people loyal to your brand for years to come. products.

Wireless Charging

Branded Phone Chargers Increase Exposure

As previously mentioned, mobile phones are one of the most used devices on the planet. More specifically, according to research, people touch their mobiles at least 2,617 times every single day. What’s even more shocking is that 10% of people use their phones more than 5,400 times per day. But why are people on their phones constantly?
From sending messages and taking pictures to looking up reviews and scrolling through social media, people use their phones for a variety of reasons. However, that usually eats away at the phone’s battery, depleting it in a matter of hours. As a result, most people charge their phones at least once a day. And, in some extreme cases, people can even keep their phones plugged in at all times, just so they can avoid having them shut down on them.

So, what’s in it for you? To put it simply, by providing people with a fast phone charger, you help them keep their phones charged all throughout the day. But most importantly, you ensure that people see your logo each time they charge their phone. In fact, people might see your logo even when their phone is not on the charger, depending on where their phone charger is placed.
And while it may not sound as much, having your logo pop up constantly is a great way to build up brand recognition. It will make your business feel like a part of people’s routines, which will draw them towards your products. So, the more branded phone chargers you give away, the more your business will become interconnected with people’s lives.

You Help Potential Customers Save Money

Until recently, every mobile phone manufacturer would ship their products with an included charger. However, to reduce their waste and carbon footprint, companies no longer provide mobile phone chargers for free. Nowadays, if you were to buy a new phone, you would have to pay more than £30 just to be able to charge it effectively. And, while £30 may be acceptable for some, it may be too much for others, especially given that most modern phones cost more than £1,000.
But that’s not only an issue for those who have no chargers, but also for those who hoard chargers. Why? Because mobile phone manufacturers change their ports constantly, meaning that there’s a high chance you’ll have to buy a new charger each time you get a phone. And even though some countries are looking to enforce the use of USB-C, it might take a while until mobile phone manufacturers adjust their products accordingly.
Luckily, you are here to help potential customers save money by gifting them branded mobile phone chargers. You’ll soon find that many of them will be thankful and even purchase your products using the money they saved. Additionally, they will be loyal to your brand and always think twice before trying any of your competitor’s products.
And, if you want to take things even further, you can gift them wireless chargers and get double the benefits. For starters, as previously discussed, people will be glad that they don’t have to spend money on a charger. Not only that, but they will also be intrigued by the new technology and will associate your company with it. So, they’ll most likely come back and patronise your business in the future, regardless of their initial opinion of it.

Phone Chargers Come In a Variety of Styles

It’s no mystery that mobile phone chargers are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, they also differ in charging speeds, as some chargers are faster than others. As a result, you should pick the ones that work best with your marketing strategy and target audience.
For example, if you plan to push your products to teenagers and young adults, you might want to go for a modern-looking charger that supports quick charging. In contrast, if your target audience is composed of office workers, a wireless charger that allows people to stand their phones up on desks or tables is the way to go. That being said, our Wireless Triple Coil Desk Charger fits the description perfectly. It can give workers a good angle as well when they look at their phones. And, if you are not sure what type of product your audience prefers, you can never go wrong with a classic yet functional mobile phone charger.
However, it’s clear that you should carefully research your target audience before you purchase any branded mobile phone chargers. Otherwise, you might gift them a product that they will never use or even throw away, making the marketing campaign a waste of time and money. But regardless of what kind of audience you are targeting, you will surely find a mobile phone charger that fits their needs and expectations.


Ultimately, it’s easy to see why mobile phone chargers are the perfect promotional items that can increase your brand awareness. Not only are they useful and extremely popular, but they are also durable enough to be used constantly. And, if that wasn’t enough, it’s also important to mention that custom mobile phone chargers don’t require a hefty investment. As a matter of fact, by buying in bulk, you will save hundreds of pounds, and you can use the extra money to invest in future marketing campaigns.
So, are you intrigued by the power of branded mobile phone chargers? Then it’s time to start your own promotional campaign by checking out Infinitebranding. From traditional to wireless, we offer all sorts of mobile phone chargers that can be customized using your own design. And thanks to our high-quality print, you can be sure that your logo will be seen by as many people as possible, increasing your brand awareness considerably.

Branded Cooler bags

Personalised Cooler Bags & Cooler Bags With Logo

Logo coolers give your brand plenty of exposure wherever these premium quality bags are taken. Choose from personalised cooler bags in plenty of shapes and sizes to reward your team, teachers, or healthcare employees. You’ll find colours that match your brand and durable straps for easy carrying. Browse our selection of brand-name coolers that everyone will want as gifts!

 Cooler Bags

Logo Cooler Bags

Keep your marketing campaign cool with personalised logo coolers featuring your company name and logo. Promotional cooler bags make great keepsakes for sports enthusiasts. They can pack their favourite drinkware and snacks in personalised insulated bags for tailgates to show their team pride. Branded lunch boxes also make budget-friendly school fundraisers. Customised ice chests are practical gifts for employees, students, and club members.
Our designers are ready to assist you in creating your own unique, custom-printed cooler bags!

 Cooler Bags

Branded Coolers FAQs

How much do promotional coolers cost?

You can purchase personalised coolers for just a few pounds each! Price will vary by product style; order in bulk for the greatest savings.

How do I order personalised coolers with my logo?

Start by choosing a cooler, then select the quantity and production time. Fill in your postcode, delivery method, product colour and imprint colour. You can then upload your text, image or logo and we’ll take it from there! Our graphic designers will email a digital mockup for you to approve before printing.

What is the minimum number of coolers I can order?

Several of our coolers have minimum order requirements below 50. Please check the product details page for specific minimum quantity information.

Do your 6-pack coolers hold a 6-pack of cans and bottles?

Our 6-pack coolers can hold six cans, not six bottles. Some styles are roomier and may be more accommodating for various beverage sizes. Please check the measurements on the product details page for specific sizes.

How are personalised ice chests printed?

We print our cooler bags with a durable screen-print process to give your logo maximum visibility.

Power Banks

Branded Power Banks

In today’s day and age, mobile phones allow people to stay in touch with everyone at all times, whether they are sitting at home or travelling. However, for that to be possible, people need to have access to branded power banks.
Seeing the extensive promotional potential that branded power banks have, many brands have decided to customise them with their logo. The chargers make high-quality corporate gifts to partners, employees, and loyal customers. Most importantly, they enhance a company’s brand awareness, attracting more customers.

Power Banks

Exceptional Team-Building Gifts

Do you have a large team of employees that frequently travel to secure sales and meet with clients? If so, personalising a bunch of USB car chargers will ensure they are always available, no matter how far they have to travel.
Providing your team matching custom gadgets will also help create a team atmosphere and make everyone feel welcome and united. In addition, your entire brand will appear more dependable and well-organised, which is always a plus.
Lastly, it goes without saying that everyone loves gifts. So, providing something useful and practical to your employees will make them feel more satisfied at work. In addition, they will feel like you value and appreciate them, meaning that they will be more likely to stay at your company.

Practicality Beyond Work

Although power banks are extremely useful for work, their appeal is in the fact that they can be used in leisure time as well. Thus, your employees can enjoy them on trips, holidays, and weekends spent on the road.

In addition, most models can charge tablets and e-readers as well, so no devices are neglected. Whatever your employees use on a daily basis will always be fully charged and ready for use.
Besides your employees, these chargers can make excellent gifts to loyal customers as well. You can even sell them at a discount, as that could help you make a profit immediately.
Another option is to give a promotional bundle to potential partners and include a printed charging cable or two. Such products will let them know you have integrity and value quality, making you an excellent business partner. After a gift like that, they will have no doubts that working with you is an excellent idea.

Power Banks

Fantastic Personalisation Options

Power banks are excellent for customisation. They offer ample branding space, so you can imprint any design you want on them. They can fit your logo and contact information and display them prominently. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to fit in a small message or a cute drawing.
In addition, you can choose the size and colour of the power banks, ensuring that they fit into your brand style perfectly. In case you need help making everything look professional and stylish, hiring a graphic designer is always a good idea. They will know how to use the available space best and ensure your audience loves the end products.

Printed Notebooks

Personalised Printed Notebook

Understanding your target market is the key to success for your brand and your products. You’ll need to figure out what kind of a journal you want to customise and offer to your customers – personalised printed notebooks with logo designs, abstract drawings, or something completely different. Let’s go through a few ideas you can use to give your notebooks that special touch.

Personalised School Printed Notebooks

The next school year is always just around the corner, which means that there is also a steady demand for personalised stationery products and personalised notebooks that would help your customers start school in style. From primary school all the way up through university. A fresh new notebook motivates pupils of all ages to take meticulous notes on all of their favourite subjects.
This allows you to adjust your designs accordingly and market multiple notebooks to each of your customers.

Personalised Diary Notebook

People fill up their personal notebooks with thoughts, ideas, drawings, stickers, and just about anything else that comes to mind, all to create the perfect representation of them as individuals, as well as cover their interests and hobbies.
Launching personalised printed journals and inspiring your customers to start a diary could be just the spark your store needs.

Personalised Notebook with Logo

This is your opportunity to let your creativity shine through personalised journals with logos. You can place a brand logo, your own or your customer’s, on the covers of these tailor-made journals. It can be the only thing in the design or a part of the design — that is entirely up to you.
Merchandise with logos is a effective and subtle way to promote a business.

Personalised Travel Journal

The best way for your customers to transport themselves from a hot and humid summer day into a chilly autumn afternoon, and vice versa, is through written memories. A notebook with a scenic or urban cover is just the right thing to get them going.
You can choose travel-inspired themes to encourage your customers to keep a log of their experiences inside a customised notebook.

Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs

Elevate your business’s visibility with our Custom Printed Mugs, a potent branding tool. These mugs, adorned with your logo, are not just practical items; they’re a statement. Ideal for gifting to employees, board members, and business associates, these promotional mugs effectively showcase your brand with every sip. Whether it’s for displaying your logo, a favourite photo, or an inspirational quote, our customisable mugs come in a variety of popular colours and styles. They’re more than just mugs; they’re a daily reminder of your brand, perfect for coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Utilise these personalised mugs for a functional and memorable marketing strategy.

Printed Mugs

Custom Mugs with Logo

Custom mugs make an excellent giveaway for promotional events! Your business will gain recognition with your logo imprinted on the front of the mug.
Select from the numerous mug styles and colours to suit your preference! We offer a broad variety of mugs for all kinds of drinks and occasions.

FAQs on Personalised and Promotional Mug Printing

Logo Mug Printing Techniques and Quality

We utilise dye sublimation and a silk-screen printing process to skillfully imprint your artwork on the mugs you order.

Size Options for Personalised Ceramic Mugs

Our ceramic mug sizes range from a small 3-ounce espresso mug to a thirst-quenching 20-ounce mug! You’re sure to find a size that works for you!

Pricing for Personalised Mugs in Bulk

You can order affordable, personalised mugs in small quantities with your imprint for less than £2 each. Our low minimum order requirements let you purchase just a few promotional mugs at factory-direct prices that save you money. Infinite Branding believes in giving our customers the products they want at competitive prices.

Durability and Care for Customised Mugs

Personalised mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe unless otherwise specified. However, we recommend hand-washing with a mild dish soap to protect the imprint for years to come. We want your personalised mugs to last a lifetime.

Ordering Process for Personalised Printed Mugs

Ordering customisable mugs at Infinite Banding is straightforward! First, choose a style and quantity. Enter your postcode and choose a production and delivery method. Next, select product and imprint colour(s). You can then either upload your artwork or email your artwork later. You’ll receive a free digital mockup to be approved before your products are created and prepped for delivery.

plastic water bottle

Custom Plastic Water Bottles

These are the Custom plastic water bottles you’ll want to take everywhere! They are lightweight and comfortable to grip and a definite essential for the gym. Print your logo on the front of the plastic bottle for a budget-friendly advertising tool at trade exhibitions. Personalised bike water bottles are handy travelling companions for active individuals on the move. Design your own bespoke plastic water bottle today and start staying hydrated!

Personalised Plastic Water Bottles

Personalised water bottles are budget-friendly beverage containers that efficiently promote all sorts of businesses and organisations. You’ll discover designs with screw-off lids, straws, push-pull caps, and dozens of shapes for effortless holding.
Custom water bottles will exhibit your name and message wherever they’re taken.

Plastic Water Bottles

Custom Plastic Water Bottles FAQs

Is there a minimum quantity of water bottles that I must order?

Many plastic bottles have low minimums of 12 so you get the exact quantity you need for your giveaways.

How much do personalised water bottles cost?

We have water bottles that are less than £1 per item. Please note that the price varies based on the quantity you are ordering as well as other factors. Check the product page for specific prices.

How do I order plastic water bottles?

First, complete the price and delivery estimator, product colours, lid colour (if applicable), and imprint colour. Next, select from the artwork options. Now you’re ready for checkout. Our team will not commence production on your water bottles until you approve the design.

Are reusable plastic bottles safe to use?

Reusable plastic bottles are a much safer alternative to prepackaged water bottles that are known to release microplastic particles into beverages. Look for the BPA-free distinction on the product details page for more information.

custom pens

Custom Pens For Bussines

Custom pens are pragmatic and budget-friendly promotional items that have demonstrated their efficacy in promoting your brand, business, or occasion. Select and tailor our top-notch products from our extensive range of styles. Personalised pens are accessible in small quantities or can be procured in bulk. Imprint your logo and business details directly into the hands of clients, customers, or employees.

Customised Pens in Bulk

Everyone requires a pen! Customised pens in bulk are cost-effective promotional tools for both significant and minor events or day-to-day marketing. We offer choices for pens with black ink or blue ink to suit all your requirements.
We have a variety of pen types to complement your brand, preference, and budget. Explore our complimentary delivery offer to the contiguous United Kingdom on selected styles of Custom pens!

Custom Pens FAQs

How can I place an order for Custom pens?

Our team of graphic designers is prepared to assist you in crafting the ideal customised pens for your business or event. Choose a style from our diverse selection, upload your logo, or simply input your text. All orders receive a complimentary digital mockup for your approval before production commences. No payment is required until your design has been approved by you!

Which ink pens are ideal for giveaways?

Customised pens remain one of the most sought-after trade show items in the promotional merchandise industry. Plastic pens are a favoured and budget-friendly choice for any budget. Metal pens offer an upscale look and a pleasant feel in your hand. Stylus pens serve as functional tools, particularly suitable for businesses and tech companies. Gel pens provide a smooth ink that stands out. Ballpoint pens are popular for their reduced smudging and lower likelihood of drying out. We recommend ordering one pen per person for your event.

Is there a minimum quantity of pens that I need to order?

Yes. Generally, minimum order quantities are 100 for plastic and highlighter pens, and 50 for metal pens. Minimum order quantities can vary depending on the pen style. Please refer to the product detail page for information on minimum quantity requirements.

Will my logo or text fit on personalised pens?

Our graphic designers will collaborate with your uploaded artwork to ensure that your logo or text meets specifications. Our professional printing experts have devised techniques to provide the most extensive imprint area possible on our bespoke pens.

How much do promotional pens cost?

You can acquire 100 pens for under £80 when you choose from our extensive

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