Brand Spotlight: Liqui-Mark® Brand

Amidst an array of pens and writing supplies waiting for your personal touch. If you’re seeking the perfect promotional product, why not delve deeper into the brands steering some of our best-selling merchandise? Here, we’re immersing ourselves into Liqui-Mark, a pen manufacturer boasting almost half a century in the industry.

Evolution of the Liqui-Mark Brand

Liqui-Mark began its journey in Brooklyn, New York, in 1974. With significant growth over the past 48 years, the company eventually relocated from Brooklyn to a larger production center in Hauppauge, New York. Stuart Goodman, the founder, cultivated Liqui-Mark by importing and fabricating private label markers and pens. By 1985, he broadened the enterprise to encompass his exclusive line of Liqui-Mark brand products—several of which are available for purchase at

What Sets Liqui-Mark Apart?

In contrast to other brands specializing in writing implements, Liqui-Mark distinguishes itself with an expansive collection of drawing instruments: including vibrant markers, highlighters, and even crayons. This diversity enables Liqui-Mark products to reach individuals of all demographics, from primary school children to corporate conference attendees. Moreover, a notable aspect is that the majority of their merchandise is crafted in the United States—an enticing factor likely to captivate many of your patrons!

Using Liqui-Mark Merchandise to Boost Your Business Presence:

If you’re keen to explore how Liqui-Mark can enhance your business visibility. Here are a few concepts to spark your imagination!

Are you promoting a textbook brand or classroom-related products? Offer educators practical dry-erase markers or distribute vibrant highlighters among students.
Is your company sponsoring a professional gathering? Consider providing attendees with highlighters in their welcome packs to assist in following presentations. Additionally, consider branding permanent markers for participants to use on name tags.
Do you manage an art studio or a creative enterprise? Keep custom-branded crayons and markers accessible for students, and encourage them to take these artistic tools home—keeping your business name at the forefront of their minds!
Does your eatery feature a children’s menu? Keep young customers engaged with a paper placemat and a set of personalized crayons.

In-demand Liqui-Mark Merchandise Available for Personalisation:

Crayo-Craze® Black Wheel 6-in-1 Crayon:

Products like this epitomize what makes Liqui-Mark stand out—it’s a vibrant, playful item bound to bring joy to customers of all generations.

Liqui-Mark® Retrax® Retractable Neon Highlighter:

Customers will appreciate the inventive structure of this retractable neon highlighter. Unlike conventional highlighters featuring detachable caps, this one enables users to highlight effortlessly at the push of a button—eliminating concerns about misplacing the cap.

Dual Bright Twin-Tip Highlighter:

Twice the hues, twice the versatility! Assist your clientele in staying organized, whether jotting down notes in classrooms or conference rooms, with this twin-tipped highlighter offering dual colors.

Sharp Mark® Compact Permanent Marker with Key Chain:

Facilitate easy access for customers to keep a marker handy—this compact one, complete with an integrated key chain, remains a sought-after choice among Liqui-Mark selections.

Liqui-Mark® Angled Dry Erase Marker:

From idea-generating sessions to educational forums, one can never possess too many dry-erase markers. These variants, featuring an angled tip, enjoy popularity among customers at