Branded Hats

Branded Hats

Preferences vary – from baseball fans and dads in their 50s favoring baseball caps to Reddit users and more portly individuals opting for fedoras. For some, a simple visor cap suffices, while others appreciate wide-brimmed, elegant options that cast a long shadow. Regardless of the shape or size, a hat is always a welcome sight.
Using branded hats as promotional items is not a novel concept; companies have been employing this strategy for quite some time. However, there’s a potential issue when following in the footsteps of millions of CEOs who choose branded hats. The crucial question arises: will the hat fit the buyer?
Most hat manufacturers market their products as one-size-fits-all, and while some genuinely adhere to this principle, quite a few on the market do not accommodate all head shapes and sizes. This article explores how prospective brand CEOs can research hat sizes and diversify their portfolio with new and exciting promotional clothing items.

Branded Hats

Measure for Measure

As previously mentioned, most hats genuinely accommodate everyone. Additionally, baseball caps feature a closure in the back that can be adjusted based on the width or thickness of one’s head. While it’s beneficial to have some size variety to cater to specific client preferences, determining the appropriate sizes involves measuring the circumference of the head. Here are the steps:

Measuring tools: Utilize either a lengthy, thin piece of string or a durable, flexible tape measure. It’s advisable to purchase tape measures from a local sewing goods store.

Placing the tape measure/string:

Position it around the head, approximately ⅛ of an inch above the ear and across the middle of the forehead. Ensure that you hold the string or tape measure snugly but not uncomfortably tight. The applied force should reflect the desired fit when wearing the hat.

Hold onto the endpoint:

Mark the measuring tool at that spot, which will be used for determining the appropriate hat size. Subsequently, use a ruler to measure the fitting size and proceed with shopping accordingly.

If a tape measure is used, simply take the obtained measurements and match them to a size chart.