Branded Pens and Notebooks

Branded pens and notebooks serve as timeless and practical promotional items for businesses aiming to increase brand visibility. When branding, companies ponder over the finest possible products that will reach thousands, even millions of potential customers. Some brands think beyond the conventional options and choose items like personalised reusable straws, beanies, lunch boxes, and even manicure sets. Nonetheless, the majority of brands adhere to the traditional choices, such as printed notebooks and biros.

But why do companies choose pens and notebooks, though? They don’t demand much effort and are nowhere near as inventive as some of the promotional products available. Well, in this article, we will explore precisely why these specific items are still just as favoured as they were when branded marketing was in its infancy.

Why Choose Notebooks and Pens as Promotional Material?

Absence of Crashing

How many times has it occurred? We type something up in our digital reminders on our phones or smart devices, and then the device itself either glitches or crashes. What about all of those occasions when we were drafting a document on our PC and a power cut wipes out all of that effort?

Well, that sort of thing will never happen to a notebook. Sure, we may scorch it, rip it, immerse it in water, or smudge it with dirt, but if we take good care of it, the information written in there will endure indefinitely.

Historical Value

Using a pen and paper today is akin to utilising a quill and a parchment only a few centuries ago. Despite the digital age gradually overtaking every single aspect of our lives, we still cherish and respect our analogue past. And that very much encompasses writing on something physical — while using something physical to inscribe that information, of course.

Aids Memory and Information Retention

There’s a reason people still use phrases like ‘to put pen on paper.’ It’s a scientific fact that we’re more likely to recollect a piece of information if we physically write it down. That’s why so many people out there continue to purchase promo pads, sticky notes, and notebooks.

A Fashion Statement

Certainly, a stylised pen will indeed stand out as a conversation starter. Picture visiting a post office and signing an official document with a splendid, sleek, flawless pen that doesn’t smudge. The same applies to notebooks; the more inventive and intricate the branded item is, the more likely it is to attract attention.

Safety and Security

As we mentioned previously, hard drives on computers crash, as do smart devices. So, if we need to remember an important piece of information, we might want to jot it down in a notebook that we keep to ourselves. If it’s a small notebook-and-pen combo, it’s even better, since we can literally carry it with us in a shirt pocket, away from prying eyes.


It’s a business no-brainer, really. Pens and notebooks, when purchased in bulk, cost less than most promotional item options out there. So, as a business, why not save some money when restocking promo products?

Marketing Value

And talking about astute business decisions, few items can be as excellent viral marketing tools as pens and notebooks. After all, they are items we use every day, so people are inclined to see them and remember the printed information on them.