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Personalised Travel Mugs

Personalised travel mugs are a popular and practical promotional item. There are numerous methods to expand a brand. Some of the most efficient ones are free, like utilising social media influencing and viral marketing. Others necessitate a bit of an investment, such as paid adverts and marketing campaigns. Occasionally, brands discover a solution that bridges both these aspects in the middle.

Throughout the history of marketing, few techniques have been as effective as promotional products. They are items we need to buy in bulk, add corporate messages to them, and release them to the public. Nevertheless, they are also items that offer us free promotion through their mere existence. Briefly, if the product is effective enough, people will discuss it, and the word will disseminate.

In this article, we will delve into promotional travel mugs and their efficacy in promoting brands. Typically, brands are more inclined to choose inexpensive items such as personalised pens or T-shirts over travel mugs. However, we contend that a well-crafted mug will be just as effective, if not more so, than any low-cost, popular products brands choose.

Useful and Worth Its Price

A travel mug is one of those items which we can utilise repeatedly. As it’s crafted from robust and durable material, it’s not something we will dispose of after a few uses. Moreover, we can cleanse it and maintain it for several years before considering a replacement.
Additionally, most mugs don’t necessarily cost much, but they offer more value for their price than printed brollies or hats do. We can use a mug to consume hot or cold beverages or store liquid food.


Some new brands refuse to purchase travel mugs. Instead, they opt for typical branded items that cost less like promo pads, sticky notes, pencils, and erasers. And that’s understandable to an extent. If a company can’t afford expensive promotional items, they need to make do with what they’ve got. After all, any item, even a pen, can be an effective branding tool when used correctly.

However, purchasing travel mugs in bulk is actually quite cost-efficient, at least in the long run. When we opt for more expensive products, we demonstrate to our customers that we value their time and investment in our brand. Therefore, they are more likely to buy our merchandise, thus channeling more revenue into our accounts. With increased revenue, we can balance our accounts, and the travel mugs will have completely paid for themselves. Consider it an investment for the future carried out on a somewhat large scale.


Let’s now concentrate on the practicality of a typical travel mug. When we survey the selections of mugs on the market, we will notice that they are made of either tough, layered plastic or robust metal, primarily stainless steel. In other words, a single mug is so sturdy that it can probably withstand quite a bit of damage. And an item that remains useful and intact for an extended period is an item worth purchasing.
Of course, it extends even further than that.

Customers seek items they can reuse, and instead of offering perishables or materials that can decay or develop mould, we can provide them with something of high quality that will endure through time. That’s especially advantageous for travel mugs, as we get to take them everywhere, in both urban and rural settings. And numerous natural elements can cause harm to a promotional item, whether immediately or gradually.

Clean, Green Products

As these items are long-lasting, they are least likely to swiftly end up in a landfill among all the promotional item options available. Furthermore, when we purchase a reusable travel mug, we don’t need to rely on plastic bottles or single-use glasses. Thus, we prevent additional tonnes of non-recyclable plastic from polluting our environment and congesting our numerous landfills worldwide.

Marketing Done Right

Travel mugs are relatively small, at least when compared to portfolios or blankets. Normally, the size wouldn’t matter with a promo item and it would come second to usefulness. But we need lots of space to advertise, and mugs simply cannot compete with T-shirts there.

However, that doesn’t mean a travel mug is a poor marketing tool. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since lots of people use and carry travel mugs, they will inevitably take them out to get a drink. Once they do, their mates or family can notice the mug, with our company details printed or embossed on it.

A conversation may then ensue, and soon enough those mates and family members will become loyal customers who love and respect our brand. It’s all about exposure, and in order to expose an item to thousands of people, we need to make sure it’s one that we use a lot. Luckily, lots of people use mugs almost daily, and will continue to do so for many decades to come.

Promotional Water Bottles:

Clients and employees who appreciate promotional items will almost always cherish receiving reusable water bottles as a gift. After all, it’s a product that we can reuse multiple times, with a long shelf life. More importantly, it’s a green, eco-conscious option. In other words, the more people buy reusable water bottles, the fewer single-use plastic bottles will pollute the environment.

Naturally, not all clients, including the outdoorsy, hiking types, favour the same variant of the water bottle. Some will prefer rigid plastic, others will opt for metal. Really, it comes down to different designs, sizes, materials, colours, and many other details. Therefore, when we decide to order a bulk of water bottles as promo materials, we have to consider our user base.

In this article, we will explore different types of water bottles for outdoor activities. We will also cover the best way of figuring out what products our customers will enjoy.”

What to Consider With Water Bottles

A water bottle ought to cover all the requirements of an outdoorsy individual. Broadly speaking, there are roughly nine categories we have to examine before we add those items to our shopping basket. Let’s go over each and every one.


No matter what product we’re contemplating purchasing, we have to keep the bulk within our allocated budget. Spending too little for a bulk of bottles will inevitably result in low-quality items that break easily and that people will not want to purchase. On the other hand, if we overpay for the items, we will be in the red financially. And that might prove perilous if the bottles we chose don’t sell.

The best way to approach it is to spend just a bit more than usual, provided that the product has some additional features. Customers love getting a little extra for their money, and the same goes for buying products such as water bottles.


And talking about additional features, adaptable water bottles are immensely popular. For instance, we can acquire a single product that will serve as a hot beverage carrier, a cold beverage carrier, and an item that keeps liquid food fresh.

But versatility can manifest in minor ways too. Something as straightforward as a unique colour palette or design quirk can make a significant difference. The same applies to extra straws, different mouth openings, or even small bottle pouches.


Many reusable water bottles don’t really retain the heat or the coldness of our beverages, and they’re not intended to. In other words, they’re often just standard bottles, designed to hold any liquid during long journeys such as hikes. But what if we desire something that can actually maintain the liquid’s temperature? Well, we then consider insulated water bottles.

Typically, an insulated bottle is heavier and bulkier than a non-insulated one. Bearing that in mind, they may not be the optimal hiking or backpacking option, simply due to their weight. Nonetheless, our daily commutes to the office will greatly benefit from these items. A single insulated bottle can sustain the heat and freshness of coffee for up to 24 hours.


As mentioned earlier, a bulky bottle weighs slightly more than non-insulated models. Therefore, it will add extra mass to our rucksacks if we decide to explore the great outdoors. Furthermore, it may be too substantial to actually pack.

If our customers prefer lightweight materials for long hikes, then we should consider what type of water bottle works best for them. The same goes for the size of the bottles and their shape. After all, a huge bottle will also not fit in a typical backpack, making it difficult to actually walk around with it in our hands or a separate bag.


A bottle has to have a defined function. After all, if our client requires something more robust and less lightweight, they won’t appreciate receiving a typical plastic water bottle as a promo gift. Alternatively, a typical hiker might require precisely that kind of bottle.

At this point, it’s advantageous to understand our customers. When we have a solid understanding of what they prefer and how they spend their leisure time, we can tailor our promotional items to their preferences.


If we aim to sell reusable products, we have to ensure that they are robust and won’t bend or break easily. That’s more challenging than most people realise, because even some of the sturdiest-looking products can snap within the right (or rather, wrong) conditions.

By far, the most durable options for reusable water bottles include those with a stainless steel exterior. There are other metal bottles out there, but their exterior often warps and dents easily. Furthermore, if it isn’t made well enough, the metal can break after prolonged use, meaning the client will have to purchase a new reusable bottle fairly soon after getting the first one.


Obtaining a reusable water bottle is, in itself, an eco-friendly decision. After all, it reduces the number of single-use bottles we would typically purchase over the course of a year. But some manufacturers actually go even beyond that concept. In other words, they produce bottles that contain zero harmful materials, or are entirely made from recycled matter. The latter option is incredibly useful, since such bottles are biodegradable and actively contribute to environmental healing.

Mouth Size

Some bottles come with wide mouths. Normally, such an option would not be particularly useful if we’re on the move or in a vehicle. Due to the wide, flat opening, these bottles are more likely to spill the liquid inside of them. However, they have one major advantage over regular, narrow-mouth bottles. Namely, if we want to add ice or bits of fruit to our water, we can do it more easily with a wide-mouth bottle. Furthermore, cleaning these bottles is incredibly easy, or at least easier than cleaning narrow-mouth products.


Yes, plenty of reusable water bottles come with handles. Some of them are part of the cap, others are integrated into the bottle itself. Additionally, these handles may or may not be detachable, depending on the model. Their size and shape may also vary.

Handles have the drawback of making the bottles a bit bulky, hence, a bit difficult to pack. However, carrying our water becomes easier if it has a handle. For example, many hikers simply attach the bottle to the bag using the handle and a robust keyring.

List of Best Outdoor Activities Bottle Options

Insulated Bottles

When selecting an insulated bottle, we should always look for a vacuum-sealed one made from stainless steel. The vacuum is what will maintain the beverage inside either hot or cold for an extended period. Some models can preserve the coolness for up to 48 hours, all without any condensation. And as the vacuum acts as a barrier between us and the beverage inside, we won’t experience any hot or cold burns when carrying the bottle.

Insulated bottles are available in various colours and designs. As a promotional product, if it’s constructed from solid steel, it can even handle some high-level embossing. While it may not be ideal for hikes and long walks, it’s excellent for business commuters who also enjoy the outdoors.

Budget-Friendly Bottles

Is it feasible to find a decent bottle for as little as 1 pound sterling? Well, actually, it is, and it’s quite common. Many low-cost bottles are made from durable, BPA-free plastic, making them long-lasting and easy to clean. Moreover, they typically feature a push/pull cap, which is convenient for drinking while on the go. Shapes, colours, and textures are also limitless with these items, as we can experiment with plastic in any way we see fit.

Obviously, the most significant drawback is the fact that we may feel the heat or coldness through the walls of the bottle. Additionally, unlike insulated bottles, these items cannot maintain the same liquid temperature over an extended period.

Plastic Bottles

Certainly, plastic bottles might cost a bit more than a single pound. And those that do nowadays are quite impressive. Indeed, if we were to recommend purchasing plastic water bottles, we would certainly suggest the ones certified by the Environmental Product Declaration.

These specific plastic bottles contain 50% (and more) recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, they are lightweight, so we can take them anywhere, whether on a hike or on a bus. Although they may not be as robust as stainless steel options, they are still durable enough to last us for years.

Collapsible Bottles

What makes a plastic BPA-free bottle even more appealing to the shopper than its shape, colour, texture, and durability? Well, when it comes to this specific bottle type, it’s flexibility. And we mean that in the most literal sense possible.

Namely, there are so-called collapsible plastic bottles out there that fold or extend like an accordion. There are tons of benefits to such a product. The first and obvious one is the fact that we can fold it so that it takes up very little room in our rucksack. Additionally, since it can expand, we can double or even triple the amount of liquid we can store in it. And to top it all off, it’s an item that we can either hand-wash or put in a dishwasher overnight. All in all, collapsible water bottles are absolutely amazing and we cannot recommend them enough. What’s more, their shape alone will be an excellent marketing method to attract as many new clients as possible.

Bottles With Straws

Bottles with flip-top lids and built-in straws are more popular than one might imagine. They are perfect for runners, since they allow quick and immediate access to the beverage inside. We simply have to pop the lid and take a sip. The straw will do the rest.
Due to their ergonomic shape and high-quality material, the straw bottle is an incredibly sought-after promotional item. We can combine different colours, shapes, and designs for either the lid or the bottle itself. And since the cap is easy to remove, cleaning this bottle is not an issue.

Lightweight Bottles

When do we need a bottle that’s lightweight? Well, more often than not, it will be during a hot summer day when we’re out running or working out. Normally, a lightweight bottle will not hold the temperature of a drink for too long. However, since most people exercise roughly between an hour and two hours each day, that point won’t matter. After all, we will consume the entire bottle well before we stop working out.

Of course, lightweight bottles are also excellent for picnics, road trips, and even brief hikes. They will fit any rucksack and won’t take up any room. We also recommend buying lightweight water bottles with Hydroguard, a special technology that prevents microbial growth in and out of the bottle itself.

Versatile Bottles

When we consider adaptable water bottles, we envision those that amalgamate the finest components of other items on this list. For instance, we can acquire a respectable stainless-steel vacuum tumbler that’s lightweight, reasonably priced, and can preserve temperatures for an extended duration.

But its versatility doesn’t cease there. This tumbler can also amalgamate a flip-top plastic lid and a retractable straw. Both of these items are incredibly crucial to runners, hikers, walkers, and commuters alike. Moreover, if the tumbler has a handle and is dishwasher-friendly, don’t hesitate — make the purchase.

Robust Bottles

Several bottles mentioned so far fall under the category ‘robust’. However, if we desire the most robust options available, we will need to aim for some heavy-duty bottles. And one such choice will encompass a stainless steel body, double-walled insulation, and a non-slip silicone base for enhanced gripping. Additionally, the cap will feature a practical locking mechanism, along with a sturdy handle. Consequently, we can securely attach the bottle to the back of our rucksack and move around without fretting about spills.

Large Bottles

A single small bottle of water will likely suffice for one person. But what if we’re hiking with a group, comprising at least three other individuals? Alternatively, what if we need to hike for an extended period, spanning multiple hours, in scorching weather?

At that juncture, we require more water than usual. A single 36 oz/1 l bottle will serve the purpose. These sizable water bottles generally possess the same attributes as their smaller counterparts. The most significant advantage they offer is the capacity to literally hold more liquid. This will inevitably render them bulkier and heavier than regular ones, but the primary objective is to carry as much water as possible. Since they frequently come with tethered caps, we don’t have to stow them in our rucksacks. We can simply transport them by the tether along the way.

Convenient-Carry Bottles

Occasionally, it’s simpler to stash a bottle in the rucksack and commence trekking. However, with all the paraphernalia needed on a hike or stroll, we might not have space for water. That’s where convenient-carry bottles shine.

Frequently, the finest options in the convenient-carry category will feature handles or tethered caps. Nonetheless, some items come with a carabiner, making them effortless to transport. We simply need to clip them onto our gear and set off. The best part is that they’re crafted from lightweight material, so even when filled with water, they won’t weigh us down.


Customized Promotional Drinkware

Tailor-printed drinkware stands as the Promotional Drinkware of preference – plus, they serve as an exceptional corporate present. At our online emporium, we stock a wide variety of personalised drinkware swag such as hydration bottles, cups, and stadium vessels in a range of styles, shapes, and colours all showcasing your brand! From embossed insulated travel mugs to maintain your beverages at the perfect temperature, to promotional beakers to prevent unwelcome spills while on the move – we encompass an extensive range to ensure your business emblem remains in view all day long. Personalised wine goblets and beer steins make excellent corporate gifts and can be accompanied by branded accessories like coolers, keychains, and various other promotional swag items. Regardless of the occasion or brand, customised logo drinkware serves as a practical and cost-effective promotional giveaway or token for all recipients.


Emblazoned drinkware is the favoured promotional product by many as they make the ultimate corporate present. This type of promo product is also the perfect freebie at any trade fair or convention. In our online shop, we stock a wide selection of branded drinkware such as custom water bottles, beakers, double wall beakers, custom coffee mugs, and party cups. These products come in an array of styles, shapes, and colours all displaying your brand!

From insulated beakers to keep your hot or cold drinks at the ideal temperature to custom-branded beakers with straws to prevent unwanted spills on the go – we have it all. Keep your logo in sight throughout the day with these very practical items. Custom-branded beakers make the perfect corporate present, and can be complemented with custom-printed items like can coolers and koozies, and coasters. Regardless of the occasion or logo, branded drinkware makes a useful and budget-friendly promotional giveaway or gift for any audience.


You can discover a wide selection of top-quality and often dishwasher-safe drinkware here. Many of our water bottles and products are free from harmful substances like BPA. There are also various capacities, like 16 fl. oz. or 20 fl. oz., so you can find the right capacity for the right occasion. Here is a list of some of our most sought-after products available on our website:

  • Tea cups
  • Insulated beakers & travel mugs
  • Beakers with or without tubes
  • China mugs
  • Plastic sports flasks
  • Stainless steel travel mugs & water bottles
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Stadium beakers & drinking glasses

Why Choose Branded Promotional Drinkware?

Every firm or organisation has a different target audience. Understanding the ideal method to present your brand is a challenging task. Therefore, we’ve assembled a vast collection of Branded Drinkware, which is entirely distinctive and practical in the market.

Take a glance at the available products, and you can personalise anything that matches your Industry Sector:-

Branded Mugs

Presenting a customised Mug to your potential clients is a simple way to break the ice by introducing them to your brand in a friendly and approachable manner. Get your employees’ names printed on these mugs and make them recognise that their efforts are a crucial part of the company, encouraging them to work with more focus.

Some of our most popular mugs include China Mugs, Earthenware Mugs, Full Colour Mugs, Bone China, Porcelain Mugs, Chalked Mugs, Plastic Mugs, Etched Mugs, Mugs with Spoon sets, etc.

Flasks and Tumblers

Personalised Flasks and Tumblers are ideal for those with a tight morning schedule. Your customised travel mugs or tumblers can streamline their morning routine and ensure they have their favourite beverage at the right temperature every time.

Your branded flasks and tumblers can convey your brand message without your physical presence each time. They make a perfect giveaway for employees who love to travel. You can choose from Metal Travel Mugs, Plastic Travel Mugs, Flasks, Tumblers, etc.

Promotional Sports Bottles

Branded Sports Bottles can help your customers maintain adequate hydration every day and are an excellent addition to fitness and wellness-focused marketing campaigns. Use these bottles to enhance brand awareness among individuals who prefer cold beverages.

Whether you operate a medical/health-related company or a personal training startup, offering a new sign-up gift to your new clients demonstrates your appreciation.

Should you require a travel mug for your journeys or a gym buddy bottle, we have everything to match your business aesthetic. Showcasing an extensive range of colours and designs, our promotional sports bottles combine practicality and versatility seamlessly.

Custom Glassware

Picture your customers celebrating a special occasion or unwinding after a long day, savouring an ice-cold beer in stunning branded glasses that showcase your branding splendidly. Elevate your marketing effectiveness with promotional glassware, offering a glass half full perspective.

With every sip, our printed glassware fosters meaningful brand awareness and sophistication for UK businesses. It’s a practical gift that any fortunate recipient will reach for daily.

Do Brand Promotion ahead using custom travel mugs

Certainly, leveraging custom travel mugs for brand promotion can be highly effective. Promotional products/drinkware has remained a cornerstone of branded marketing for decades. Almost every CEO and brand proprietor comprehends the significant impact well-crafted, finely imprinted bottles can have on a business’s financial results. Indeed, it’s an item that numerous individuals, whether regular patrons or first-time consumers, take pleasure in possessing. And judging by sales statistics and marketing tendencies, these products aren’t likely to vanish anytime soon.

 travel mugs

Naturally, the query often arises regarding the type of bottle to procure. While the majority of items in this category are exceptionally durable and enduring, some choices prove more effective than others. In this piece, we will specifically concentrate on customized travel mugs. We’ll delve into each unique advantage these products offer, particularly concerning successful brand promotion. By the conclusion, our aim is for readers to contemplate investing in a few batches of travel mugs to propel their brand’s advancement.

Rugged Resilience

As mentioned earlier, we’re specifically discussing metal travel flasks here. Both these flasks and their plastic counterparts boast robust construction. Unless subjected to significant physical force, these items will not warp or shatter. This makes them ideal for users who relish engaging in physically demanding activities such as hiking, climbing, or river rafting.

Naturally, between the two options, plastic is more prone to breakage compared to metal. However, metal may bend or incur dents based on its thickness. Nevertheless, even a slightly dented water flask is more enduring and notably more serviceable than its plastic equivalent. Therefore, it’s a clear choice when considering longevity.

Eco-Friendly Approaches

People worldwide primarily consume water and other beverages from disposable PET bottles. It’s crucial to stay hydrated, but the purchase of single-use bottles adds to the substantial issue of plastic pollution. Millions of tons of non-recyclable plastic find their way into landfills, contaminating the environment and posing threats to both plant and animal species. Fortunately, both brands and individual purchasers are cognizant of this problem, focusing on reusable, environmentally conscious products.

A metal double-walled insulated flask might not immediately sound eco-friendly. Metal takes time to decompose naturally and contains chemicals from the paint applied to its surface during the printing process. In other words, it’s not entirely benign. However, it is resilient, and a single enduring flask can replace years of reliance on disposable plastic bottles. In essence, the more we use durable drinkware, the fewer single-use items end up in landfills.

Crafting Effective Brand Promotion

Typically, a metal water flask is sleek and reasonably sizeable, albeit not overly so. Many brands refrain from purchasing them due to this reason. After all, for effective brand promotion, a larger ‘canvas’, so to speak, is desired. This explains the enduring popularity of billboards and the preference for substantial yet cost-effective items like bespoke T-shirts and carry-all bags. These objects not only accommodate more information on their surfaces but also allow for creativity with colours, printing, and other intricate details.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of water flasks in marketing. In fact, with a metal vessel, there’s ample opportunity to elevate the promotional game. For instance, instead of printing, we can opt for embossing or engraving company logos and messages, imparting a distinctiveness to the flask. Furthermore, corporate messages can adorn both the cap and the surface of the flask. If desired, we can even include messaging on the inner side of the cap. It stands as a versatile marketing tool with a multitude of options to explore.

Adaptability and Cost Efficiency

Having touched upon versatility in the preceding paragraph, let’s delve into the exceptional attributes of a metal water flask. Primarily, it maintains the temperature of any hot or cold beverage without causing discomfort to our hands. Soft and hard plastics swiftly adopt the temperature of the liquid they contain, potentially leading to scalds or frostbites if the liquid is excessively hot or cold.
Furthermore, a water flask accommodates virtually any type of liquid. This versatility allows us to carry water, juice, tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, energy boosters, soothing soups, broths, and even certain solvents like wood alcohol (if required for any particular reason). Its secure seal ensures spill-free transportation.
Moreover, owing to its metallic composition, the bottle serves multifunctionally. When needed, the base of the metal flask can be utilized as a sturdy tool for tasks such as crushing nuts or grinding pepper.
Usually considered relatively expensive, metal flasks often prompt brands to favour customised USB drives or pens over them. However, investing in a small quantity of premium double-walled flasks can potentially attract more customers in the long run, outweighing the initial cost. In essence, it represents a shrewd investment—one we strongly endorse.

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