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Branded Pens With Your Logo: Order Today

Promotional Branded Pens are one of the UK’s most sought-after merchandise items and are excellent for creating visibility for any logo.

Our top-selling Curvy Ballpens and Contour Ballpens have ruled the market for years and continue to be popular choices with our customers.

Whether you purchase them for your colleagues, distribute them at trade events, or include them in a direct marketing campaign, pens imprinted with your logo are excellent for generating significant brand awareness among any target audience.

Whether you’re searching for inexpensive printed ballpoint pens or luxurious globally-recognized brands (including sophisticated pens crafted by the likes of Waterman, Parker, and more), our selection covers everything from cost-efficient logo pens to premium-quality corporate gifting concepts.

For your recipients, the ideal imprinted pen will become an essential daily tool, used for jotting down to-do lists, taking notes, and signing documents. For your business, your pens will serve as a potent marketing instrument, maintaining your brand’s presence with your customers. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

What To Consider When Choosing Promotional Pens

Cost-effective, simple to distribute and with broad appeal, promotional pens stand as one of the most economical ways to place your company logo directly into your customers’ hands.

It’s little wonder that research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) found that “the humble ballpoint pen tops the list of promo items every year when it comes to value for money”.

Similarly, a study by the ASI found that pens printed with logos are kept for an average of nine months, resulting in prolonged visibility and significant value for your business.

When selecting pens for your business, it can be beneficial to consider:

Material: what material do you desire for your promotional pens? Plastic and metal are the most prevalent choices, with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wheat straw increasingly gaining popularity.

Quantity: how many pens do you require? For inspiration, utilise the “Quantity Required” box above to locate pens that suit your specific unit requirements.

Use: how will the pens be utilised – for instance, are they for distribution in the workplace or for giveaway at a special industry event? We offer everything from economical biros to luxurious fountain pens.

Functionality: do you prefer pens that offer more than just writing? Items like Phone Holder Pens and Multitool Pens can impress your customers with their multifunctionality.

Ink colour: do you have a preferred ink colour for your pens? We always clearly indicate a pen’s available ink colour(s) on a product listing page.

If you’re working toward a tight deadline and need a rapid turnaround, utilising our “Deliver By” calendar feature (above) can be beneficial. It helps you discover the precise pens that can be delivered in time for your event. Even if your date seems unattainable, it’s still worth reaching out – our expert team might be able to locate something for you.

We’re continuously introducing new pens, so keep an eye on the “Newly Added” filter to explore the latest products that match your stationery requirements.

Printed Pens Crafted From Bamboo, Wheat Straw & More

Eager to adopt an eco-friendly approach with your promo pens? Our Product team has been tirelessly working to ensure that Total Merchandise offers an extensive selection of eco pens, including items made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and wheat straw.

We also feature a vast array of pens created from recycled plastic, along with pens that can be recycled after serving their purpose.

Our expanding collection of promotional environmentally friendly pens serves as an excellent way to demonstrate your business’s environmental consciousness to your staff and customers, creating a great talking point.

Tailored Pens To Suit Your Business & Budget

We provide a wide array of branding choices for our pens, encompassing engraving, spot colour printing, and full-colour printing.

The majority of our pens can be ordered in a diverse range of colours, sometimes offering the option to mix-and-match colours for elements like the barrel and clip. Some can even be Pantone-matched to precisely match your corporate branding, resulting in promotional pens that are uniquely tailored to your brand.

In search of the ideal corporate gifting solutions to commemorate a significant business milestone? We can assist with that as well. From sophisticated fountain pens engraved with your logo to boxed writing gift sets, our selection includes products that will truly make any special occasion noteworthy.

Our proficient team possesses years of experience in aiding businesses across the UK in discovering the perfect promotional pens, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you require any assistance in finding the “just write” pens for your company.

Interested in complementary items that your customers can use alongside their new pens? Check out our range of branded notebooks.

Why not explore the complete assortment of pens & writing supplies we offer, spanning plastic pens, metal pens, pencils & writing accessories, and environmentally friendly pens?

Why should I order branded pens for my business?


Branded pens are proven to be one of the UK’s most popular giveaway items – and with good reason! Offering enduring awareness for your business, pens branded with your logo provide a practical opportunity to get your company into the hands of your customers.

According to research shared by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional pens are kept for an average of nine months, generating around 3,000 impressions for your logo – and resulting in a whole lot of brand awareness for your business.

Q: What can I use printed pens for?


Promotional pens have all sorts of uses within your marketing campaign. They make highly cost-effective giveaways that offer the user a practical purpose. Printed pens with your logo are great for distributing among customers and visitors at events, including trade shows, exhibitions and more.

They’re also useful for ordering for in-house use; after all, your colleagues will always need pens, so why not put your corporate logo on them for an extra twist of company pride?

Q: Do you sell eco-friendly branded pens?


Yes, we supply a range of branded eco pens, including recycled, compostable and recyclable pens. We also stock bamboo pens (including our popular Contour Bamboo Ballpens), as well as printed pens that are made from wheat straw and recycled bottles.

View the results using the “Eco-Friendly” filter (on the left-hand menu) or look for the green leaf icon on product listings, or explore our branded eco pens category.

Keen to order promotional pens that are made in the UK? We can help – you can quickly navigate to these pens by using the “Made In The UK” filter or by looking out for the Union Flag icon.

Q: What are the best selling promotional pens in the UK?


Without a doubt, the best-selling promotional pens in the UK are Curvy Ballpens. Whilst different manufacturers might give it different names (and you might be able to spot slight design variations, too) this comfort-grip pen is beloved by businesses and their customers alike.

Available in a wide range of colours and with a generous print area for your logo, our Curvy Ballpens are one of our most popular promotional products of all time. Highly cost-effective, they’re suitable for everything from in-house stationery top-ups to events including Freshers’ Fairs, industry conferences, product launches and more.

Q: Can I specify the ink colour I want?


The majority of our promotional pens write in black or blue ink. The ink colour of a pen will always be clearly stated within the product description and if you can’t find the ink colour you’re looking for, just let us know.

Q: Which are your cheapest promotional pens?


Working with a tighter budget? We’ve got a wide range of cheap printed pens that offer fantastic value for money – as well as incredible awareness for your brand!

To give you the best possible deals, we’re constantly checking our pricing against the rest of the industry, meaning that our prices are regularly changing. To find the cheapest promotional pens, simply sort the pens by “Unit Price: Low To High”.

You can also use the “Discounts & Offers” filter on the left-hand side to explore all our discounted promo pens.

Q: I’ve had a cheaper promotional pen quote elsewhere. Can you price match it or beat it?


Yes. Our size means we’ve got the biggest buying power in the market, so we can pass the savings on to you. Our pricing structure is periodically independently reviewed against similar suppliers.

We’re so confident in our pricing that we guarantee that if you find your promotional products cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match (and often beat) the price*. (*Advertised like-for-like, excludes special offers.)

Q: Can I print my logo in full colour on promotional pens?


Yes, you can have full colour printing on a wide range of our branded pens. You can browse all our full colour promotional pens by selecting the “Full Colour” filter in the menu.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for promotional pens?


There is. When you visit a product’s listing page, the lowest MOQ will be the first price break listed in step 2.

Q: Where will my design be printed on my pens, and how will it be added?


Most of our pens will be printed with your logo, often with the option to add your design to multiple areas, including the barrel, clip and cap. Some, such as our Parker Jotter Ballpens, can also be engraved.

You can find out exactly how your pens can be branded – and in what positions – by looking at the Branding Options list under step 1 on an individual item’s product listing page.

Want to find out more about we make the magic happen? Our Printing Processes page gives more information about the different methods we use to brand promotional merchandise, and we’re always here to help if you have any other questions.

Q: Do you offer samples of custom pens?


We’re always happy to provide unprinted samples to help make your decision that bit easier. If you’d like a sample of a promotional pen, contact your account manager for more information.

Elevate Your Promotional Products with These 6 Innovative Tricks

Without imagination, no business can prosper. This rings true for marketing promotional Products, whether they’re regular everyday items like pens or premium ones like wireless speakers. Yet, sometimes the issue isn’t the item itself, but rather how we showcase it. The truth is, we can market anything if we discover a clever, engaging, and inventive way to deliver it to our customers.
In the spirit of contemporary life hacks commonly shared on platforms like YouTube, we’ve decided to apply this approach to modern branding. In essence, what follows are six clever and inventive tricks that can immediately boost the value of a promotional item.

Trick #1: Textures and Materials

Consider this scenario: one brand offers reusable cutlery, a high-quality metal product with a bamboo handle. Another brand selects the same promotional item, but their handle incorporates untreated wood bark or is encased in leather. Which item is more likely to capture a customer’s attention?
Exploring various textures and materials can significantly heighten the appeal of any product. It could involve anything, from leather to wood grain, from copper to cork. When presented in an innovative manner, it’s likely to attract new owners swiftly.

Trick #2: Unique Embellishment

Merely imprinting a logo onto an item has been done before. It’s effective, but it’s not a guaranteed attention-grabber. However, what truly captures attention is if we engrave the logo using a chisel or scorch it onto the surface, or even emboss it onto leather.

Furthermore, why restrict only our logo to the surface of the product? We can explore different design alternatives that enhance the item’s uniqueness, such as employing a pattern that integrates our logo or even a clever visual illusion. The possibilities are endless with the variety of choices available to us.

Trick #3: A Complete Package

What links a promotional toothbrush, a plastic beaker, a body moisturizer, moist towelettes, and a small carryall bag together? Well, the commonality lies in their potential to form part of the same corporate offering.
In today’s market, customers value receiving good value for their money when purchasing promotional items. And few things are as practical and comprehensive as gift packages. By combining several products, we demonstrate to our clients how much we value them and our commitment to maintaining our current relationship.

Trick #4: Bespoke Packaging

An item feels more tangible when it arrives in its bespoke package. There’s an aura of authenticity to it as if it’s been directly delivered from a reputable manufacturing facility to the consumer. Hence, if we intend to distribute any promotional items, it’s advisable to invest in genuine branded packaging.

However, packaging doesn’t need to be restricted to a mere box or a piece of cardboard. We can innovate and experiment with how we present the product. Moreover, we can emphasize offering customers enduring packaging, something they can repurpose for storage or other uses. Once again, the goal is to provide more value for their money.

Trick #5: Personalisation Is Our Ally

Customers appreciate having a distinctive product, and what could be more exceptional than a customized corporate gift? We need not limit ourselves to something featuring solely the logo or product details. Depending on the type of item we’re offering, it can boast numerous design solutions that set it apart. The trick is to avoid presenting it in a stereotypical ‘branded’ style.

Trick #6: Personalised Pouches

Suppose a substantial cardboard or wooden package isn’t within our budget; in that case, we can consider something affordable yet imaginative. Tailored pouches are, therefore, an ideal solution. They’re not only simple to print and distribute but also adaptable to various recipients of the item. Moreover, they offer ample space for inventive marketing or branding, and we have the freedom to select the size, shape, and color scheme for each set of pouches.

The Advantages of Branded Promotional Pens:

Branded promotional pens serve as a potent marketing instrument for enterprises across all scales. They provide numerous advantages that render them invaluable resources for any firm aiming to amplify its brand visibility. In this piece, we’ll explore a few benefits that custom logo pens bring to businesses.

Increased Brand Recognition

Custom promotional pens aid in boosting a business’s brand awareness. A pen represents a ubiquitous tool, utilised regularly by individuals, whether within their households, workplaces or while travelling. When the pen features the business emblem or title, it serves as an enduring prompt of the company’s presence, consequently amplifying brand exposure.

Brand Exposure:

Custom logo pens present a multitude of chances for potential clientele to acquaint themselves with a business. Even if an individual simply glimpses the pen, there exists the potential for inquiries about its origin, potentially leading to word-of-mouth endorsements. Moreover, it can initiate discussions about the company, which can serve as opportunities to showcase products or services.


Custom logo pens stand as an exceedingly cost-efficient marketing tactic. In comparison to alternative marketing avenues like posters, TV ads, or radio spots, custom logo pens emerge as the most economical choice. They offer superior exposure at a fraction of the expense, rendering them exceptionally appealing to small and burgeoning businesses.

Branded Promotional Pens


One of the advantages of personalised promotional pens is their resilience. Being items used daily, they boast a lengthier lifespan compared to other branding methods. This implies that the receiver might continue using the pen for months or even years, thereby extending the brand’s exposure. Conversely, alternative advertising methods like posters are typically viewed for a brief period before being taken down, limiting the brand’s visibility.


Customised promotional pens are adaptable and suitable for various environments. They prove effective at trade shows, seminars, and gatherings, as well as being well-suited for office use. This adaptability positions branded pens as an excellent choice for any business seeking to augment its brand acknowledgment.


Custom logo pens offer the opportunity for customisation, enabling businesses to impart their distinctive imprint. A company can select the pen’s hue, incorporate its emblem, and even inscribe a message onto the pen. This tailoring guarantees the pen’s uniqueness aligned with the brand, simplifying recall for potential clientele.

Branded Promotional Pens

Functional and Beneficial:

Customised promotional pens are functional and beneficial, rendering them an excellent choice for any business. While alternative branding tactics might lack practicality, branded pens serve a purpose and are employed daily. They prove instrumental for jotting down notes, creating shopping lists, or endorsing cheques, thus offering more utility to the receiver.

Why Utilise Branded Notebooks in Your Marketing?

Why do individuals now frequently opt for something as straightforward as paper? We live in a world teeming with technology, yet paper remains as popular as ever.

Could it be because jotting down a note or idea with a pen is more satisfying than tapping on a mobile or tablet? Because you don’t have to concern yourself with a notebook fracturing if dropped? Perhaps because it’s more economical? More dependable? Because it never exhausts its battery?

Branded notebooks still wield remarkable effectiveness in amplifying your brand exposure and ultimately augmenting sales. Having a notepad at hand facilitates the process of jotting down notes, creative ideas, or using it as a planner. And owing to its usefulness and practicality, recipients utilise the item regularly, on a weekly or daily basis. Contemplate employing your exclusive branded notebooks to engage with your customers in a lasting and memorable way. With a variety of unique methods to customise your company’s branded notebook, you can create a promotional gesture that genuinely leaves an impression.”

Five methods to personalize your Branded Notebook

If you seek an exceptional way to distinguish your company notebook, here are five excellent personalization techniques that you can leverage:

Incorporate a gold or silver foil logo/text

Common techniques include printing or debossing (where your design is pressed into the book). However, for a unique touch or a distinctive finish, consider integrating Foil Blocking into your design. It employs the same method as debossing but adds color into the impression—typically metallic gold or silver.

Select a custom color

If standard colors don’t quite match your preferences, consider requesting a completely bespoke color. Although the lead time might be a bit longer, this option is perfect if you have a specific brand or Pantone color in mind. You can also choose the elastic strap and pen loop colors.

Attach a belly band

Belly bands are narrow strip of paper wrapped around the notebook cover, providing an attention-grabbing finishing touch and an additional branding avenue for advertisement, customization, or even conveying a special message.

Include a complementary pen

If you possess a notebook, you’ll require something to jot down thoughts! Enhance the value of your notebook by including a coordinated branded pen, creating a delightful gift set.
Incorporate promotional / details sections

Each Fifty Fathoms notebook features 140 x 5mm dotted pages for notes and drawings, date markers on each page, plus a two-year calendar.

Unable to accommodate everything onto your notebook? Incorporate additional custom pages within, featuring information or visuals that you wish your recipient to have. Suggestions encompass company contact details, event schedules, instructional sections, maps, or exclusive offers.
Our Notebook Assortment can be personalised using all the aforementioned methods! Explore the entire range or get in touch with us today for a FREE no-obligation quotation or for further details.

Brand Spotlight: Liqui-Mark® Brand

Amidst an array of pens and writing supplies waiting for your personal touch. If you’re seeking the perfect promotional product, why not delve deeper into the brands steering some of our best-selling merchandise? Here, we’re immersing ourselves into Liqui-Mark, a pen manufacturer boasting almost half a century in the industry.

Evolution of the Liqui-Mark Brand

Liqui-Mark began its journey in Brooklyn, New York, in 1974. With significant growth over the past 48 years, the company eventually relocated from Brooklyn to a larger production center in Hauppauge, New York. Stuart Goodman, the founder, cultivated Liqui-Mark by importing and fabricating private label markers and pens. By 1985, he broadened the enterprise to encompass his exclusive line of Liqui-Mark brand products—several of which are available for purchase at

What Sets Liqui-Mark Apart?

In contrast to other brands specializing in writing implements, Liqui-Mark distinguishes itself with an expansive collection of drawing instruments: including vibrant markers, highlighters, and even crayons. This diversity enables Liqui-Mark products to reach individuals of all demographics, from primary school children to corporate conference attendees. Moreover, a notable aspect is that the majority of their merchandise is crafted in the United States—an enticing factor likely to captivate many of your patrons!

Using Liqui-Mark Merchandise to Boost Your Business Presence:

If you’re keen to explore how Liqui-Mark can enhance your business visibility. Here are a few concepts to spark your imagination!

Are you promoting a textbook brand or classroom-related products? Offer educators practical dry-erase markers or distribute vibrant highlighters among students.
Is your company sponsoring a professional gathering? Consider providing attendees with highlighters in their welcome packs to assist in following presentations. Additionally, consider branding permanent markers for participants to use on name tags.
Do you manage an art studio or a creative enterprise? Keep custom-branded crayons and markers accessible for students, and encourage them to take these artistic tools home—keeping your business name at the forefront of their minds!
Does your eatery feature a children’s menu? Keep young customers engaged with a paper placemat and a set of personalized crayons.

In-demand Liqui-Mark Merchandise Available for Personalisation:

Crayo-Craze® Black Wheel 6-in-1 Crayon:

Products like this epitomize what makes Liqui-Mark stand out—it’s a vibrant, playful item bound to bring joy to customers of all generations.

Liqui-Mark® Retrax® Retractable Neon Highlighter:

Customers will appreciate the inventive structure of this retractable neon highlighter. Unlike conventional highlighters featuring detachable caps, this one enables users to highlight effortlessly at the push of a button—eliminating concerns about misplacing the cap.

Dual Bright Twin-Tip Highlighter:

Twice the hues, twice the versatility! Assist your clientele in staying organized, whether jotting down notes in classrooms or conference rooms, with this twin-tipped highlighter offering dual colors.

Sharp Mark® Compact Permanent Marker with Key Chain:

Facilitate easy access for customers to keep a marker handy—this compact one, complete with an integrated key chain, remains a sought-after choice among Liqui-Mark selections.

Liqui-Mark® Angled Dry Erase Marker:

From idea-generating sessions to educational forums, one can never possess too many dry-erase markers. These variants, featuring an angled tip, enjoy popularity among customers at

We’re Enthusiasts of Personalized Pens

Infinitebranding has been your go-to destination for customized pen solutions because, frankly, we’re passionate about pens. We’ve witnessed the marketing effectiveness of personalized pens in the corporate sphere, and we’re consistently astounded by the ROI they offer. Pens hold a universal appeal and are embraced by everyone, whether distributed among clients, potential leads, or staff members

Our objective is to ensure a seamless shopping experience coupled with top-notch customer support, including a One-Year Quality Assurance pledge. Our products are competitively priced, directly from the factory—ranging from minimal orders ideal for your company’s front desk to bulk purchases of promotional pens for corporate events.

In simple terms: we adore pens, and we’re convinced you’ll adore our pens as well. Let’s discover the ideal customized pens for your business!

Popular Varieties of Customised Writing Instruments

Metallic Writing Instruments

A significant portion of our metallic corporate pens undergo laser etching, providing an extra layer of sophistication. We dedicate the necessary time and attention to etch your logo or business details onto the barrel, ensuring a polished imprint that endures over time. This is why numerous enterprises opt to associate their brand with metallic pens, using them as giveaways for clients.

Personalized Pens

Polymer Writing Instruments

Always economical and eternally fashionable, branded polymer pens stand out as marketing champions. Crafted from cost-effective materials, these pens are perfect for distribution at trade exhibitions or conventions. They effortlessly amplify your business name at a reasonable price designed for extensive dissemination. Additionally, they often boast vivid colors and engaging patterns that capture attention.

Touch Pens

We consider personalized touch pens as dual-purpose presents, given their pen and stylus functionalities. A stylus significantly eases the process of swiping and scrolling on mobile devices, something your clients or potential customers will appreciate. Furthermore, they serve as contactless tools, enabling users to avoid contact with buttons, such as those on ATMs or grocery checkout keypads. And, as always, we meticulously imprint your logo to ensure your promotional message is prominently displayed.

Pen Presentation Sets

For those aiming to make a lasting impression, a presentation set is an excellent choice! Pair a pen with a corresponding torch or notebook and present them in an elegant display gift box for maximum impact on initial interactions. With a reduced minimum order size and opulent metallic materials. These presentation sets serve as ideal corporate gifts for clients, suppliers, and esteemed customers.

Personalized Pens

Gel Ink Pens

The ink variant is a critical consideration when selecting your custom-branded pens. Gel ink pens offer a distinct writing experience compared to ballpoint pens, owing to their gel base. This results in ink that produces more prominent, opaque lines without bleeding. Gel ink is also available in an array of colors, including black, blue, red, pink, purple, and more. A fantastic option if you’re seeking something slightly unconventional!

SilkWrite™ Pens

When discussing ink, it’s impossible not to mention our exclusive SilkWrite Ink. Exclusively available through us, it delivers the most seamless writing encounter in the market by merging the finest qualities of ballpoint and gel ink. This ink glides effortlessly, ensuring a smooth writing experience from the very first stroke—no more need to scribble on a notepad to kickstart the ink flow!
Despite SilkWrite Ink providing a premium sensation, it doesn’t carry a high-end price tag. Numerous of our cost-effective personalized pens, such as the Colorama Extreme Pen, come equipped with SilkWrite Ink. (Hint: Match your pens with personalized notepads.)

How Can I Secure the Greatest Bargain on My Personalised Pen Orders?

Seeking an irresistible deal? Browse through our product bargains and promotional codes, which often include perks like complimentary shipping and setup for new clientele. If time is of the essence, choose from our assortment of promotional items and pens that can be shipped within 48 or 72 hours.
Because you’re associating your company’s identity and logo with these personalized pens, we’re committed to ensuring they’re nothing short of flawless. Our One-Year Quality Assurance ensures that if your order deviates from your specifications, we’ll reimburse or replace it within one year of the shipping date.

How Can I Craft Personalised Pens Featuring My Logo?

With our extensive experience in customization, we’ve devoted significant effort to curating a premium customization journey tailored for you and your business. Crafting your own promotional pens is as effortless as 1, 2, 3:

Select the ideal pen for your brand: With a diverse range available, consider what complements your brand best. Do you desire laser-engraved imprints? Full-color designs? Rose gold accents? Stylus additions? Take a moment to contemplate what aligns with your brand and what will resonate most with your clientele.

Upload your logo: Our pens offer ample space for a logo and message. Incorporate your website, contact number, friendly note, and more to create the perfect personalized pens for your business.

Place your order and spread the word! Determine your order size (we suggest larger quantities for optimal savings and broader distribution).

HANDY HINT: If you wish to entirely personalize your pen with your unique design, explore our Design Wrap Pens. Each pen can be tailored with one of our 99+ FREE designs, or you can upload your own design to serve as the background for your custom logo.

Which Are the Best-Popularised Custom Pens for Business?
We boast an extensive collection of exceptional pens, yet we’ve compiled a top four to assist you in selecting the most suitable pen for your brand. Here are a few of our preferred pens that have garnered significant customer acclaim:

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim

For high performance, this pen reigns supreme among the best. It receives glowing accolades wherever it ventures, captivating customers with its luxurious metal barrel, trendy mineral hues, soft-touch coating, color-matched stylus, and elegant rose gold trim. Your brand will radiate unparalleled charm on this stunning best-seller featuring our acclaimed Alpha design.

Design Wrap Contour Pen

Among our highly sought-after Design Wrap pens, this ergonomically contoured pen offers customization with one of our 99+ FREE designs, spanning from seasonal prints to amusing llama motifs. Do you have an exceptional design of your own? You can also upload your artwork to serve as the backdrop for your custom imprint on this immensely popular pen. Provide ample imprint space and a contoured grip for the perfect trade show giveaway.

Silken Finish Paragon Pen with Rose Gold Accents

Yet another rose gold achiever, this metallic pen embodies the quintessential professional pen, boasting an office-savvy plunger design and sophisticated business hues. Our rubberized soft-touch coating bestows this pen (and your brand) with a sumptuous satin-like texture, while the rose gold accents infuse a stylish element, placing this pen firmly in the spotlight as a premium promoter.

Etched Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen

A bespoke pen fit for nobility, this diamond-inspired pen showcases a lavish metal barrel adorned with refined silver-toned details, a color-coordinated stylus, a soft-touch coating, and a durable laser-etched imprint. Clients adore

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