Elevate Your Promotional Products with These 6 Innovative Tricks

Without imagination, no business can prosper. This rings true for marketing promotional Products, whether they’re regular everyday items like pens or premium ones like wireless speakers. Yet, sometimes the issue isn’t the item itself, but rather how we showcase it. The truth is, we can market anything if we discover a clever, engaging, and inventive way to deliver it to our customers.
In the spirit of contemporary life hacks commonly shared on platforms like YouTube, we’ve decided to apply this approach to modern branding. In essence, what follows are six clever and inventive tricks that can immediately boost the value of a promotional item.

Trick #1: Textures and Materials

Consider this scenario: one brand offers reusable cutlery, a high-quality metal product with a bamboo handle. Another brand selects the same promotional item, but their handle incorporates untreated wood bark or is encased in leather. Which item is more likely to capture a customer’s attention?
Exploring various textures and materials can significantly heighten the appeal of any product. It could involve anything, from leather to wood grain, from copper to cork. When presented in an innovative manner, it’s likely to attract new owners swiftly.

Trick #2: Unique Embellishment

Merely imprinting a logo onto an item has been done before. It’s effective, but it’s not a guaranteed attention-grabber. However, what truly captures attention is if we engrave the logo using a chisel or scorch it onto the surface, or even emboss it onto leather.

Furthermore, why restrict only our logo to the surface of the product? We can explore different design alternatives that enhance the item’s uniqueness, such as employing a pattern that integrates our logo or even a clever visual illusion. The possibilities are endless with the variety of choices available to us.

Trick #3: A Complete Package

What links a promotional toothbrush, a plastic beaker, a body moisturizer, moist towelettes, and a small carryall bag together? Well, the commonality lies in their potential to form part of the same corporate offering.
In today’s market, customers value receiving good value for their money when purchasing promotional items. And few things are as practical and comprehensive as gift packages. By combining several products, we demonstrate to our clients how much we value them and our commitment to maintaining our current relationship.

Trick #4: Bespoke Packaging

An item feels more tangible when it arrives in its bespoke package. There’s an aura of authenticity to it as if it’s been directly delivered from a reputable manufacturing facility to the consumer. Hence, if we intend to distribute any promotional items, it’s advisable to invest in genuine branded packaging.

However, packaging doesn’t need to be restricted to a mere box or a piece of cardboard. We can innovate and experiment with how we present the product. Moreover, we can emphasize offering customers enduring packaging, something they can repurpose for storage or other uses. Once again, the goal is to provide more value for their money.

Trick #5: Personalisation Is Our Ally

Customers appreciate having a distinctive product, and what could be more exceptional than a customized corporate gift? We need not limit ourselves to something featuring solely the logo or product details. Depending on the type of item we’re offering, it can boast numerous design solutions that set it apart. The trick is to avoid presenting it in a stereotypical ‘branded’ style.

Trick #6: Personalised Pouches

Suppose a substantial cardboard or wooden package isn’t within our budget; in that case, we can consider something affordable yet imaginative. Tailored pouches are, therefore, an ideal solution. They’re not only simple to print and distribute but also adaptable to various recipients of the item. Moreover, they offer ample space for inventive marketing or branding, and we have the freedom to select the size, shape, and color scheme for each set of pouches.