Protect & Promote With Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas

Our high-quality bespoke Promotional Umbrellas will bring visibility to your brand and build confidence with your target audience when an unexpected rain shower hits. Your clients will stay dry & comfortable under your logo when it’s on a promo umbrella.

Larger styles, such as the market umbrella, give you an even bigger imprint area for your logo to catch eyes at trade shows and outdoor events. 4AllPromos also has budget-friendly options for bespoke umbrellas to make memorable swag and giveaways at cheap rates, no vouchers necessary! For clients that need to be hands-free, or corporate gift packages, you can also pair our umbrellas with a bespoke poncho.

Custom printed umbrellas are an easy way to create brand recognition even on the most inclement days.

Which Type of Personalised Umbrella is Best for Your Brand?

The type of branded umbrellas you choose will depend on your intended use. We offer different varieties to give you options for any circumstance.

Golf Promotional Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are larger than typical handheld Promotional umbrella models. The arc is the distance from one rib to the end of the rib on the opposite side. On golf umbrellas, the arc is greater than on a compact umbrella, to shield golfers and their large bags from rain and harsh sunlight.

Golfers carrying their umbrellas on the links rain or shine. Logo umbrellas go well with our many other golf swag items, especially customizable golf towels.

Folding Promotional Umbrellas

Most of our umbrellas are a type of folding umbrella. A folding umbrella can be closed down and reduced in size for easy storage. Travel umbrellas and tote umbrellas are common examples of folding umbrellas that people carry around on rainy days.

Our promotional umbrellas are available in both manual and automatic umbrella models. The auto-open folding umbrellas protect you from the elements with just a push of the automatic open button on the handle.

Compact Umbrellas

Compact Promotional Umbrellas are also a type of folding brollies, but with a canopy and shaft that are collapsible. They take up less space than other folding styles, and some double as inversion brollies. An inversion brolly opens in reverse, coming in handy when your customers are getting out of a car or passing through a narrow space.

Patio Promotional Umbrellas

Our custom logo patio brollies offer shade and shelter during cookouts, company picnics, and more. Patio brollies are frequently seen at restaurants with outside dining areas, but the low minimum quantity means you can order a personalised brolly for your backyard too.

Market Brollies

Promotional market brollies are larger versions of patio brollies with a more durable canopy. They’re designed to protect your customers, employees, and the items they sell from sun, rain, and even snow. Custom market brollies will often come with a weighted base at the bottom.

Beach Brollies

For fun in the sun, personalised beach brollies provide some much-needed shade. These custom brollies, sometimes called sunshades, have a large arc to give your customers a break from the rays at the beach or the pool.

If you want to provide a great company swag package for the summer months, we suggest offering a beach brolly alongside one of our personalised beach towels or perhaps some custom sunglasses.

Vented Brollies

Built with flaps near the top of the canopy, vented brollies allow wind to pass through. This lowers wind resistance and helps to prevent them from turning inside out when confronted by strong winds. Vented brollies make for a sturdy choice of custom brollies with logo imprints.

When To Buy Promotional Brollies in Bulk

Buying rain brollies in bulk if you live in London or Seattle may be an obvious choice for promotional gear. But brollies are great giveaways even when it isn’t raining.

You can use branded brollies as swag and gifts for people to remember you after an event. Great opportunities for custom brollies include:

Golf Outings
Street Festivals
Corporate Swag Bags
Office Gifts
Wedding Favours (Use the logo space for wedding artwork!)
Considerations When Choosing Your Branded Umbrellas

When deciding which promotional brollies will be best, there are some features to keep in mind:


Canopies come in:

Nylon — Lightweight and affordable

Polyester — Lightweight, easy to maintain, and holds its shape

Pongee — Tightly woven, waterproof, and can be treated be UV-resistant


Wooden handle — Typical for market and patio brollies, and high-end travel and golf brollies

Metal handle — Typical for telescopic folding brolly styles, practical and affordable

Fibreglass handle — Great for durability and weight

Arc Size

Arc size determines the area of coverage. Smaller arcs are desirable for a typical handheld brolly, while larger arcs are ideal for golf & beach brollies.

Opening and Closure

Auto-open brollies are made with a push-button mechanism to deploy with a quick little press of the finger. A manual-open brolly is operated by pushing and pulling the interior centre of the frame up and down the shaft.

FAQ About Custom Brollies

How much do custom brollies cost?

Custom brollies’ cost is largely dependent on the quantity and type of brolly you are ordering. We have cheap promotional brollies for as low as £5.17 apiece. Our premium models, including market brollies and arc golf brolly models, have a higher price tag but low minimum order quantities. We always guarantee the lowest price.

How do I design my brollies?

You can design your brollies by uploading your company logo when you select the design options provided on any individual item description page. If you need any assistance along the way, our talented professional artists and dedicated customer service representatives are available to assist you.

What type of brolly won’t flip inside out?

Custom windproof brollies won’t flip inside out or fold during strong weather. They are an excellent choice if you wish to display your branding when the weather gets rough. Our vented brollies are also constructed to avoid flipping inside out.