We’re Enthusiasts of Personalized Pens

Infinitebranding has been your go-to destination for customized pen solutions because, frankly, we’re passionate about pens. We’ve witnessed the marketing effectiveness of personalized pens in the corporate sphere, and we’re consistently astounded by the ROI they offer. Pens hold a universal appeal and are embraced by everyone, whether distributed among clients, potential leads, or staff members

Our objective is to ensure a seamless shopping experience coupled with top-notch customer support, including a One-Year Quality Assurance pledge. Our products are competitively priced, directly from the factory—ranging from minimal orders ideal for your company’s front desk to bulk purchases of promotional pens for corporate events.

In simple terms: we adore pens, and we’re convinced you’ll adore our pens as well. Let’s discover the ideal customized pens for your business!

Popular Varieties of Customised Writing Instruments

Metallic Writing Instruments

A significant portion of our metallic corporate pens undergo laser etching, providing an extra layer of sophistication. We dedicate the necessary time and attention to etch your logo or business details onto the barrel, ensuring a polished imprint that endures over time. This is why numerous enterprises opt to associate their brand with metallic pens, using them as giveaways for clients.

Personalized Pens

Polymer Writing Instruments

Always economical and eternally fashionable, branded polymer pens stand out as marketing champions. Crafted from cost-effective materials, these pens are perfect for distribution at trade exhibitions or conventions. They effortlessly amplify your business name at a reasonable price designed for extensive dissemination. Additionally, they often boast vivid colors and engaging patterns that capture attention.

Touch Pens

We consider personalized touch pens as dual-purpose presents, given their pen and stylus functionalities. A stylus significantly eases the process of swiping and scrolling on mobile devices, something your clients or potential customers will appreciate. Furthermore, they serve as contactless tools, enabling users to avoid contact with buttons, such as those on ATMs or grocery checkout keypads. And, as always, we meticulously imprint your logo to ensure your promotional message is prominently displayed.

Pen Presentation Sets

For those aiming to make a lasting impression, a presentation set is an excellent choice! Pair a pen with a corresponding torch or notebook and present them in an elegant display gift box for maximum impact on initial interactions. With a reduced minimum order size and opulent metallic materials. These presentation sets serve as ideal corporate gifts for clients, suppliers, and esteemed customers.

Personalized Pens

Gel Ink Pens

The ink variant is a critical consideration when selecting your custom-branded pens. Gel ink pens offer a distinct writing experience compared to ballpoint pens, owing to their gel base. This results in ink that produces more prominent, opaque lines without bleeding. Gel ink is also available in an array of colors, including black, blue, red, pink, purple, and more. A fantastic option if you’re seeking something slightly unconventional!

SilkWrite™ Pens

When discussing ink, it’s impossible not to mention our exclusive SilkWrite Ink. Exclusively available through us, it delivers the most seamless writing encounter in the market by merging the finest qualities of ballpoint and gel ink. This ink glides effortlessly, ensuring a smooth writing experience from the very first stroke—no more need to scribble on a notepad to kickstart the ink flow!
Despite SilkWrite Ink providing a premium sensation, it doesn’t carry a high-end price tag. Numerous of our cost-effective personalized pens, such as the Colorama Extreme Pen, come equipped with SilkWrite Ink. (Hint: Match your pens with personalized notepads.)

How Can I Secure the Greatest Bargain on My Personalised Pen Orders?

Seeking an irresistible deal? Browse through our product bargains and promotional codes, which often include perks like complimentary shipping and setup for new clientele. If time is of the essence, choose from our assortment of promotional items and pens that can be shipped within 48 or 72 hours.
Because you’re associating your company’s identity and logo with these personalized pens, we’re committed to ensuring they’re nothing short of flawless. Our One-Year Quality Assurance ensures that if your order deviates from your specifications, we’ll reimburse or replace it within one year of the shipping date.

How Can I Craft Personalised Pens Featuring My Logo?

With our extensive experience in customization, we’ve devoted significant effort to curating a premium customization journey tailored for you and your business. Crafting your own promotional pens is as effortless as 1, 2, 3:

Select the ideal pen for your brand: With a diverse range available, consider what complements your brand best. Do you desire laser-engraved imprints? Full-color designs? Rose gold accents? Stylus additions? Take a moment to contemplate what aligns with your brand and what will resonate most with your clientele.

Upload your logo: Our pens offer ample space for a logo and message. Incorporate your website, contact number, friendly note, and more to create the perfect personalized pens for your business.

Place your order and spread the word! Determine your order size (we suggest larger quantities for optimal savings and broader distribution).

HANDY HINT: If you wish to entirely personalize your pen with your unique design, explore our Design Wrap Pens. Each pen can be tailored with one of our 99+ FREE designs, or you can upload your own design to serve as the background for your custom logo.

Which Are the Best-Popularised Custom Pens for Business?
We boast an extensive collection of exceptional pens, yet we’ve compiled a top four to assist you in selecting the most suitable pen for your brand. Here are a few of our preferred pens that have garnered significant customer acclaim:

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim

For high performance, this pen reigns supreme among the best. It receives glowing accolades wherever it ventures, captivating customers with its luxurious metal barrel, trendy mineral hues, soft-touch coating, color-matched stylus, and elegant rose gold trim. Your brand will radiate unparalleled charm on this stunning best-seller featuring our acclaimed Alpha design.

Design Wrap Contour Pen

Among our highly sought-after Design Wrap pens, this ergonomically contoured pen offers customization with one of our 99+ FREE designs, spanning from seasonal prints to amusing llama motifs. Do you have an exceptional design of your own? You can also upload your artwork to serve as the backdrop for your custom imprint on this immensely popular pen. Provide ample imprint space and a contoured grip for the perfect trade show giveaway.

Silken Finish Paragon Pen with Rose Gold Accents

Yet another rose gold achiever, this metallic pen embodies the quintessential professional pen, boasting an office-savvy plunger design and sophisticated business hues. Our rubberized soft-touch coating bestows this pen (and your brand) with a sumptuous satin-like texture, while the rose gold accents infuse a stylish element, placing this pen firmly in the spotlight as a premium promoter.

Etched Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen

A bespoke pen fit for nobility, this diamond-inspired pen showcases a lavish metal barrel adorned with refined silver-toned details, a color-coordinated stylus, a soft-touch coating, and a durable laser-etched imprint. Clients adore