Why Utilise Branded Notebooks in Your Marketing?

Why do individuals now frequently opt for something as straightforward as paper? We live in a world teeming with technology, yet paper remains as popular as ever.

Could it be because jotting down a note or idea with a pen is more satisfying than tapping on a mobile or tablet? Because you don’t have to concern yourself with a notebook fracturing if dropped? Perhaps because it’s more economical? More dependable? Because it never exhausts its battery?

Branded notebooks still wield remarkable effectiveness in amplifying your brand exposure and ultimately augmenting sales. Having a notepad at hand facilitates the process of jotting down notes, creative ideas, or using it as a planner. And owing to its usefulness and practicality, recipients utilise the item regularly, on a weekly or daily basis. Contemplate employing your exclusive branded notebooks to engage with your customers in a lasting and memorable way. With a variety of unique methods to customise your company’s branded notebook, you can create a promotional gesture that genuinely leaves an impression.”

Five methods to personalize your Branded Notebook

If you seek an exceptional way to distinguish your company notebook, here are five excellent personalization techniques that you can leverage:

Incorporate a gold or silver foil logo/text

Common techniques include printing or debossing (where your design is pressed into the book). However, for a unique touch or a distinctive finish, consider integrating Foil Blocking into your design. It employs the same method as debossing but adds color into the impression—typically metallic gold or silver.

Select a custom color

If standard colors don’t quite match your preferences, consider requesting a completely bespoke color. Although the lead time might be a bit longer, this option is perfect if you have a specific brand or Pantone color in mind. You can also choose the elastic strap and pen loop colors.

Attach a belly band

Belly bands are narrow strip of paper wrapped around the notebook cover, providing an attention-grabbing finishing touch and an additional branding avenue for advertisement, customization, or even conveying a special message.

Include a complementary pen

If you possess a notebook, you’ll require something to jot down thoughts! Enhance the value of your notebook by including a coordinated branded pen, creating a delightful gift set.
Incorporate promotional / details sections

Each Fifty Fathoms notebook features 140 x 5mm dotted pages for notes and drawings, date markers on each page, plus a two-year calendar.

Unable to accommodate everything onto your notebook? Incorporate additional custom pages within, featuring information or visuals that you wish your recipient to have. Suggestions encompass company contact details, event schedules, instructional sections, maps, or exclusive offers.
Our Notebook Assortment can be personalised using all the aforementioned methods! Explore the entire range or get in touch with us today for a FREE no-obligation quotation or for further details.